Wine Industry

A&G Engineering is a leader in the wine industry, having developed many of the engineering concepts, stainless steel wine tanks and fermentation equipment in standard use in the Australian wine industry. The Potter fermenter (named after company founder Ron Potter) revolutionised fermentation techniques in the 1970s and its successor, the Sweeping Arm Potter (SWAP) fermenter, has further improved the process. A&G also introduced the rotary fermenter to the Australian wine industry, allowing rapid fermentation in as little as four days with minimal labour input.

One of A&G Engineering's biggest successes has been the construction and installation of 88 x 1.1 million litre stainless steel wine tanks and associated equipment for Casella Wines at Yenda, NSW. We have also completed extensive projects for Fosters Wine Estates, De Bortoli Wines and McWilliams Wines.

Our experienced team has completed significant projects internationally, including complex installations in Vietnam and China as well as supplying wine tanks and equipment to wineries in France, the USA, Portugal, Chile and New Zealand.

A&G has the capacity to manufacture stainless steel wine storage tanks on site or at one of our workshops as well as a variety of fermentation vessels, pipe work, pressure vessels, stair towers and walkways, conveyor systems and a wide range of ancillary equipment. There would be few wineries throughout Australia without a piece of equipment or stainless steel wine tank supplied and/or installed by A&G Engineering.

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