Why Choose A&G?

The pressure vessel design and production teams at A&G Engineering are highly experienced at providing turn-key stainless steel pressure vessel systems for all purposes.

Just about every winery in Australia has equipment and pressure vessels designed by A&G - and now our reputation is spreading to other industries. We custom-design everything from highly specialised 1000-litre stainless steel pressure vessels to massive three million litre storage tanks.

A&G invests extensively in research and development and has pioneered many breakthrough equipment and pressure vessel designs to support industry requirements. Among our latest innovations is a new vertical panel construction system for the rapid building of over-sized stainless steel pressure vessels.

Tanks up to 350,000 litres are manufactured to strict industry standards at one of our three Australian production plants and transported to the site. For larger pressure vessels, our production teams work on-premise - and that can be just about anywhere.

Our pressure vessel systems are widely seen across Australia and increasingly in New Zealand.

A&G is one of Australia's largest users of stainless steel with pressure vessels fabricated in a range of grades, including 304, 316, 2205 and 2101.

Our service doesn't stop at tanks and pressure vessels.

It's a complete engineering solution that includes everything from stainless steel pressure vessel design, static and rotary fermentation vessels, pipe work fabrication and heat exchangers to stair towers and conveyor systems. All of our stainless steel products are constructed to the highest industry standards with full maintenance support.

Stainless steel storage vessels for all industries: