Stainless Steel Tanks

Storage vessels

Available in a wide range of sizes, with a storage capacity of 1 - 5,000,000 litres, A&G Engineering's stainless steel storage tanks are suitable for use across a variety of industries. Stainless steel tanks can be custom-made to suit individual needs with a full range of access manholes, fittings and dimple plate/cavity wrap available. We can custom fabricate storage tanks to meet virtually any requirement.


  • 1 - 5,000,000 litre capacity
  • Available in grades 304, 316 or Duplex stainless steels including LDX 2101 and SAF 2205
  • Sloping or cone bases to suit your drainage requirements
  • Full range of access manholes, valves and fittings
  • Dimple plate/cavity wrap to manage temperature in low (140kPa), medium (300kPa) or high (550kPa) pressure ratings
  • Agitation to suit individual needs
  • On-ground or elevated installation

Pressure vessels

A&G Engineering can supply pressure and vacuum tanks designed and manufactured to 'AS1210 - Pressure Vessels'. Coded tanks and silos used by our clients in the food and beverage industry include:

  • Vessels ranging up to 75kl for Fosters Wine Estates and Orlando-Wyndham for production of sparkling wine
  • Brewery vessels for De Bortoli Wines, Mildura Theatre Brewery and Bintara Brewery
  • Fermentation vessels for Agritechnology Pty Ltd

Pallet/Fork tanks

Designed for mechanical handling, pallet or fork tanks are an effective solution for dealing with smaller quantities. They are easily transportable, durable and reliable.


  • Available in 1200, 1350 and 1500 litre capacity or customisable up to 5000 litres
  • Stainless steel vessel (304 or 316 grade) with hot dipped galvanised frame
  • Stackable design - subject to engineering requirements
  • Dimple plate section available
  • Other options such as temperature probe, sample valve and pressure relief valve can be added to your specification

Dimple plates

Our stainless steel cooling jackets are available in low pressure (140kPa), medium pressure (300kPa) and the mechanically spot-welded high pressure JANDA wrap (550kPa). This inexpensive and highly effective innovation allows full control of fermentation and storage temperatures with a minimum 2mm pillow to ensure a consistent flow rate and excellent cooling and heating.