Petroleum/Biofuels/Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods and chemical storage

A&G Engineering manufactures stainless steel tanks for the storage of all types of dangerous goods including flammable and combustible liquids (AS1940), corrosive liquids (AS3780) and oxidising liquids (AS4326). Tanks can be designed and fabricated to AS1692, API 620, API 650 or Eurocode standards to meet your specific requirements. A&G engineering can design self-bunded tanks to eliminate the need for expensive civil works and permit the tank to be relocated as required. Heating or cooling for tanks, depending upon their service, can be supplied.


Having completed projects for major biodiesel producers, A&G Engineering has significant experience in manufacturing products for this industry. Equipment supplied includes coded and non-coded vessels for mixing, fermentation and storage.

One example of A&G's recent projects is the supply of 3 million litre fermentation tanks for an Ethanol production facility. These tanks were constructed using A&G Engineering's unique panel construction system. This system allows vats of up to 5 million litres to be constructed on site in a matter of weeks, rather than months, offering significant savings.