Olive oil tanks

A&G Engineering has put its footprint on the olive oil industry with the supply of stainless steel custom tanks to Australia's leading producers of olive oil. These robust stainless steel custom silos were installed by A&G's experienced engineering team. The range of tanks includes:

  • Storage vats from 2500 to 200,000 litre capacity
  • Twin tub collection tanks
  • Settling tanks

Optional stainless steel custom tank features specifically used in the olive oil industry are available including sight level gauge, nitrogen sparging and capping systems.

Tallow & Edible Oil Tanks

A&G Engineering is the preferred supplier of stainless steel custom tanks and vessels for the storage of tallow and processed edible oils. Tanks supplied range from 30kl to 500kl capacity.

Options include:

  • Heating coils (either hot water or steam heating) for heating solid, semi-solid or high viscosity fats to maintain flowability
  • Low-shear aerofoil blade agitators for high efficiency
  • Cavity heating and cooling jackets
  • Insulation and stainless steel cladding of process vessels
  • Polished internal seams for hygienic finish

Product information: