Materials Handling

Conveyor systems

A&G Engineering can design, manufacture and install easy-to-use, reliable conveyor systems for any industry. Built for high performance and longevity, these systems will continue performing year after year.


  • Screw conveyors in diameters ranging from 250 to 600mm
  • Horizontal, inclined or vertical conveyors
  • Mild or stainless steel manufacturing
  • Both screw and belt systems are available

Pipe work fabrication

A&G Engineering offers manufacturing and installation of quality piping systems for all applications in a wide range of industries. All pipe work is internally purged to food grade standard. We have supplied pipe work in many forms including electrical conduit in buildings and on site to prolong the life of electrical systems and improve visual presentation.


  • Tube in AS 1528 food grade and ASTM A554 structural grade
  • Available insulated and uninsulated
  • Polished or unpolished tube available
  • Mild steel galvanised structural supports can be supplied to carry lines

Product lines

  • 150mm down to 12mm full internal purge including valving and looped droppers for continuous transfers over distance

Brine Lines

  • Lines up to 300mm
  • Hard and soft plumbing to tanks
  • Insulated or uninsulated

Pigging Systems

  • Pipe work for pigging systems (systems supplied by others) manufactured to a high standard as a high speed plug is pressured down lines for product movement and cleaning purposes

Pressure Pipe Installation

  • Steam lines

Chemical and CIP (Clean in Place) Systems

  • Caustic recirculation systems
  • Spray balls
  • Nitrogen purging lines and spargers


A&G Engineering is a distributor of Tecnicapompe pumps, with the most popular being the TCD pump. This centrifugal pump is widely used in the wine and food industries where processed matter needs to be treated delicately. Its special screw-shaped impeller prevents pump obstruction and damage to solid particles.


  • Suitable for substances containing both liquids and solids
  • Minimum noise
  • Can be adapted to the specific requirements of the customer with a wide range of accessories including legs, motor cover, trolley and inverter
  • Electronic sensors can be fitted to detect presence of liquid inside
  • Can be used to transfer wine between large-capacity tanks
  • Ideal for the pumping over of must in fermentation vessels

Receivals bins

Our receivals bins have been developed over many years to provide low maintenance intake of grapes during the vintage season. Bins can be configured for rear tip trucks, side tipping or from overhead cranes and feature A&G Engineering's gush control system. This prevents destemmers being overwhelmed by a gush of juice during tipping and ensures a consistent delivery of grapes into the destemmer unit.


  • Up to 40 tonne capacity
  • Up to 600mm discharge augers
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Bearings and seals designed for low maintenance and long life
  • Gush control systems
  • Optional juice drain
  • Fixed or variable speed control