FT Technologies

FT Technologies is a global group of companies specialising in innovative process technology for companies in the Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. A&G Engineering is engaged by FT technologies to manufacture the following product range:

Spinning Cone Column

Flavourtech, a division of FT Technologies, developed the Spinning Cone Column (SCC) technology - a unique distillation system which has set new standards in aroma recovery, alcohol removal and deodourisation as well as flavour and soluble solids extraction. It is used for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Simultaneous flavour and soluble solids extraction from coffee and tea slurries
  • Dealcoholisation and alcohol management in alcoholic beverages
  • Deodourisation of cream and flavour management of dairy products
  • Aroma recovery during production of fruit and vegetable purees and juices
  • De-oiling of NFC citrus juice
  • Essential oil extraction from botanicals, herbs and spices

The company has also developed an Integrated Extraction System (IES) based on the SCC and the Centritherm® evaporator, which has set new standards in the production of high quality concentrates in the tea and coffee industry.

Centritherm® evaporator

The Centritherm evaporator is a thin-film, spinning cone evaporator. Its unique design allows it to develop the thinnest liquid film possible in any evaporator system. The liquid takes barely a second to pass over the rotating heat contact surface - typically at temperatures around 50C - yet in this brief time receives all the heat it needs to evaporate the product to its final concentration.

The Centritherm evaporator is a compact unit suited to the concentration of heat-sensitive, valuable and viscous products. It offers short residence time, less thermal impact and greater processing flexibility than traditional rising or falling film evaporators. It is used in a range of industries and applications including:

  • Wine - grape juice concentration
  • Nutraceutical - plant and herbal extracts
  • Pharmaceuticals - antibiotics, vitamins, proteins
  • Dairy - whey and milk protein concentration
  • Coffee and tea - concentrate production
  • Food and beverage - flavour and colour compounds

Centritherm RM Series Short Path evaporators

FT Technologies has recently developed and released the RM series of Centritherm evaporators specifically for short path distillation (molecular distillation/evaporation). Short path distillation covers a range of applications not possible in traditional evaporation units, specifically those requiring high temperature and high vacuum operation. Centritherm evaporators have been designed to meet the requirements of short path or molecular distillation, including a unique internal condensing system.

This product is ideal for applications in the edible oil, polymer, chemical, flavour chemical, essential oil and similar industries. Specific applications like recovery of fatty acids (such as omega 3), removal of monomers from polymers and purification of essential oils are examples of what is possible.

For further information regarding FT Technologies' products, visit their website at www.ft-tech.net.