Ancillary Equipment

Advanced agitators

As structural steel manufacturers, A&G Engineering has the capability, in conjunction with specialist suppliers, to provide agitators as part of the tank supply package to suit your specific requirements. These agitators are precise, economical and ideal for both batch and continuous applications.


  • Ability to blend two or more liquids
  • Allows complete motion of liquid to maintain uniformity and prevent phase stratification
  • Promotes heat exchange for temperature control
  • Fixed mount top, bottom or side entry
  • Available in various configurations including clamp-on portable with swivel or socket plate
  • Can be supplied with lip, hydraulic, stuffing box or mechanical seal options
  • Numerous wetted parts of construction are available including 316 Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Monel, rubber, plastic or special coatings

Heat exchangers

Tube-in-tube must chillers are a simple and effective way to establish efficient heat exchange, allowing the user to manage juice temperature during the fermentation process. Must or juice is pumped through the inner tube of the heat exchange system while brine travels through the outer tube.


  • Can be fully disassembled for cleaning
  • Available with either BSM or flanged fittings
  • Size and length to suit your cooling requirements


A&G Engineering manufactures quality rotary screen separators, designed to remove solids from liquid, a process most frequently required in the wine and dairy industries. These high-capacity units are particularly efficient at separating grape solids from juice at a controlled rate, allowing the juice to pass through and be collected in tanks.


  • Rotary screen separators to screen out solids from juice
  • Drain-over and drain-through models available
  • Optional fit-out including stainless steel floats, pumps and control switching